Child care centers are places of learning and development. The social part of daycare makes it a bonus for children as they learn how to get along with others and navigate the world around them. Spending the day with other children brings benefits galore - that is, except when it comes to the spread of viruses and bacteria.
With a winter-time flu outbreak that's reached across the country and the everyday sniffles, sneezes, and coughs that kids bring to daycare daily, it's easy to see the importance of keeping child care centers clean.

If you're a center owner you also know that harsh chemical cleaners may sanitize your space, but can also cause major problems.

From the general toxicity of chemical cleaners to individual allergies and sensitivities to them, these products don't always work well in commercial buildings that house daycare centers. When it comes to cleaning up after kids, you need something that comes with less health risks.

What types of cleaners should you use in the child care environment? Green cleaning is one way that you can avoid caustic chemicals while still keeping the area germ-free. If you're considering switching from chemicals to a green clean, take a look at what you need to know about getting rid of the germs without adding toxicity to your school space.


Young children are often more sensitive to chemical cleaning products than adults. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 30% of childhood asthma has a connection to chemical use. Along with asthma, chemicals have the potential to cause a host of conditions. These range from some forms of cancer to skin irritations.

In conjunction with the immediate effects of chemicals, some issues and health conditions may not by readily noticeable for years. Switching from harsh chemicals to green (natural, low- or no-toxicity products) can stop these ill-effects and help to create a healthier environment.

Staff Issues

The children who you serve aren't the only people who you need to protect. Your staff is also important to protect. This means doing away with the illness-inducing cleaners and ridding your center of dirt, grime, and germs in a less toxic way.

Not only might your adult employees have sensitivities or allergies to chemical cleaners, but these products can negatively affect their children even the ones who aren't born yet.

There is some scientific evidence that children born to women in cleaning professions (who use chemical products) are at an increased risk for having a baby with a birth defect.

This in no way means that the use of chemical cleaners around your staff will cause birth defects (if they are pregnant). But it might unnecessarily up the odds. Green cleaning can reduce the risk and help to keep your staff safe, healthy, and happy.

Center Considerations

Even though you want to protect your children and your staff from the dangers of toxic chemicals, you also don't want them to get sick. The phenomenally easy spread of illness in the daycare environment can cause major issues for child care providers. What starts as one case of strep or a cold can quickly turn into a center-wide epidemic.

While making sure that the children are vaccinated before they start 'school' and enforcing proper handwashing techniques can greatly reduce the number of illnesses, you still need to keep your child care center clean.

Instead of using chemicals to kill the germs or remove them from surfaces, green products and cleaning techniques can help to safely rid your center from harmful microorganisms. If you're not sure which cleaners to use, how to use them or what methods get rid of the germs without causing health issues themselves, a green cleaning service can help.

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