Facilities management is a critical part of operating any business. After all, your business property is where your employees spend the majority of their workday, and potential clients and customers may visit your facility regularly.

As a business owner or property manager, it may be tempting to skimp on professional cleaning services in an effort to reduce costs. However, this method often backfires as dirt begins to accumulate, possessing a health hazard while also ruining the aesthetics of your facility.

For this reason, it is important to understand the return on investment that commercial cleaning services provide as they help you to create an environment that promotes better employee morale while attracting customers to your products or services.

1. Reduce Employee Absenteeism
Office workspaces and sales floors are known for harboring germs simply because of the high volume of traffic that they receive. Over time, germs naturally build up on any surface, and the accumulation of dirt and dust also contributes to allergies. In fact, a dirty workplace is a major contributor to employee absences. 

While your crew may remember to do things such as wipe down their keyboards, it is common for other parts of your facility to go unnoticed. Commercial cleaning teams know the hot spots where germs tend to lurk and use chemicals to sanitize places that tend to contribute to workplace illnesses such doorknobs and counters. 

2. Improve the Customer Experience
When a client or customer visits your business, they begin making judgments from the moment they pull into the parking lot. For this reason, details such as having professionally cleaned windows can make a difference when it comes to increasing return business. 

Make sure that gleaming floors and a hygienic public restroom always greet your guests. This demonstrates a commitment to providing excellent service in every interaction that you have with your customers. 

3. Demonstrate Environmental Responsibility
It is important for every business to incorporate environmental practices into their business plan, and arranging for commercial cleaning services from a company that uses environmentally friendly practices is a great start toward preserving natural resources. 

When you contact a cleaning service, ask about the products and methods that they use. They should be able to tell you that they incorporate strategies for staff training along with equipment and chemical use that meet the standards in place for Green Seal certification. 

4. Promote Productivity
Clean environments promote better employee productivity since a well-organized workspace allows your employees to stay alert and focus on their critical tasks. For instance, having sunlight beaming through a clear window enhances alertness while smudges on the glass serve as a distraction. 

5. Comply With Industry Regulations and Standards
Many businesses today must comply with strict federal and state regulations regarding health and sanitation. Restaurants, health care offices and daycares are a few fields where you may face stringent standards that are regulated by frequent inspections. 

Commercial cleaners reduce the stress on your employees by making sure that these standards are followed. For instance, you can arrange for professional cleaners to make sure that hand soap is always in the dispensers at your child care facility. 

6. Preserve Company Assets
In addition to keeping your employees and customers healthy and comfortable, you also want to know that your business property is properly maintained. By arranging for services such as floor cleaning, you can preserve your property's value and reduce the cost of replacing things such as carpet and tile.

Every business benefits from regular professional cleanings that reduce germs while increasing the eye appeal of public spaces. Contact Upright Commercial Cleaning for a free estimate today that outlines your options for a customized cleaning program that improves your business operations.