Got Grimy Grout? 6 Reasons You Need a Professional Deep Clean

Grout. It's one of the most difficult items to clean. As employees use your commercial space day after day, you may begin to forget the color your grout once was. A professional grout cleaning company can get deep down into the grout to clean up stains and sanitize. Here are six reasons you may want to schedule a professional grout cleaning today.

1. Stains Can Mean Odors

Grout is difficult to clean because it is porous. Stains soak right into the grout itself, and though you can clean the surface, you usually can't get deep down to where the stain actually resides. By leaving material behind, you will eventually find that your grout has an odor to it.
Professional cleaners get in deep, removing both the removable stains and any associated scent producing contaminants, which gives you a fresher, cleaner commercial space.

2. Professionals Get It Done Faster

Though you can get on your hands and knees and scrub your grout, professionals can do the job better and faster. It's just a matter of tools. Professionals have pressure wash systems that can quickly wash away years of grime. Rather than having employees struggle to clean up the grout, you can simply hand it to the professionals. Overall, professional cleaning will be less expensive, as it won't cost you company time.

3. You Can Damage Your Grout

Many of the more abrasive methods of cleaning grout can actually hurt it. If you're trying to sand away stains or using mild abrasives such as baking soda, you could eventually damage your grout. Vinegar and acids, which are traditional cleaning methods, could lead to blotchy, mismatched grout if your grout is stained or colored. Abrasive methods can eventually wear down or break off pieces of grout.
Professional cleaners are able to clean grout quickly and effectively without compromising the grout itself, leading to better results overall.

4. Professionals Will Sanitize Your Grout

Deep cleaning isn't just about appearance. Dirty grout can also lead to mold growth. Often, this mold lurks beneath the surface; even if you scrub it off dutifully, it will just come back. Professionals will sanitize your grout for you, so you don't need to worry about bacteria, mold, and mildew.

In bathrooms, office kitchens, and anywhere else employees may come to regular contact with the grout, it's possible that the grout could actually cause health issues. Having a regular professional cleaning can protect your employees.

5. Regular Cleaning and Sealing Helps Grout Last Longer

After a professional cleaning, a cleaning company is able to also seal your tile and grout to protect it from the elements. Regularly cleaning and treating your grout and tile will make it last longer, prevent damage, and keep it looking like new for longer. Tile and grout can be a substantial investment, so you should keep it looking nice for as long as possible.

6. Professionals Also Know Your Tile

In addition to the grout itself, professionals also know how to care for your tile. Your commercial space may have travertine, marble, granite, or ceramic tile. Professional grout cleaners are able to work around these delicate types of tile, to ensure that they don't fade and aren't damaged, chipped, or stained.

Even if you have durable porcelain tile, certain types of cleaning (such as the more abrasive types of cleaning) can still dull or fade your tile. A professional can avoid this through their training, knowledge and tools.

To help keep your offices looking clean and welcoming, a professional deep cleaning is just the way to get started. Schedule an appointment with upRight Commercial Cleaning for environmentally sustainable (green) deep cleaning tile and grout services.